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Curriculum Outline

It's all about automating the things that we can, so there's more time, energy, and money to use elsewhere.

  • Build a Stellar (and Free) Website and Facebook Business Page with an AWESOME FAQ page to reduce the phone calls, messages, and texts (that ask the same questions over and over.)
  • Set Up an Easy-to-Use AUTOMATIC Invoicing Plan so you don't have to chase down the payments.
  • Create Contracts and Other Helpful Documents to cover all your bases before, during, and after taking orders to reduce your liability and exposure and frustration in response to a poor customer reaction.
  • Generate Accurate Costs Per Serving for Quotes and Show Your Profit in a Snap!
  • Transcribe Your Recipes Into a Format That Generates Instant Mixing Plans and calculates your batter down to the last ounce, the last cupcake, the very last cookie for reduced waste!
  • Understand and Map Out Your Costs, Your Overhead, AND YOUR WORTH For Fast and Fair Quotes That Generate Less Price Resistance from your Clients.
  • Streamline Your Order Form to Capture Both Vital Information and Future Leads for Continued Business Growth, without searching for text messages, emails, and scribbled notes.
  • Learn to Leverage a Mix of AUTO Email Marketing, AUTO Text Marketing, Auto Scheduled Social Media Campaigns, and AUTO but CUSTOMIZED Postcards that Instantly Get Your Messages Out, Developing LifeLong Relationship with your clients.

Want to Delve Deeper into What's Inside This Master Course?

We've broken down the curriculum into bullet points for you and included answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Chef Equation App

Planned Launch Date - Dec 30th


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Coming Soon!

What's Chef Equation?

So glad you asked! It's a super calculator/app that combines all of my spreadsheets and excels into one easy to use desktop and mobile application!

Every hour you spend fussing with spreadsheets is an hour you’re not doing what you love – baking and decorating - growing.

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m the founder of Art Is In Cakes Bakery & Supply, a supply and resource shop for bakers at every level.

I know first-hand that baking is a blend of careful measures and boundless creativity. Precision and imagination.

Keeping tabs is part of the job. But it can also become excessively time-consuming.

My dream is to create a tool that is the perfect baker’s companion. Chef Equation: All the measurements, the ingredient tracking, cost equations, and record-keeping all in one convenient spot.

And to back it up, I'm creating an 8 week course, the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits to transform your baking business into a well oiled machine - to make YOU more Profitable, more Efficient, and Less Stressed. 


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