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Who is the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits® Membership Master Course For?

Designed specifically for Bakers and Food-Preneurs ready to ramp up their business.

If you're thinking about or have recently opened a Brick and Mortars or a Food Truck and are interested in the building blocks of setting up a compelling brand to attract and grow your customer base and interested in setting up mechanisms to reduce waste, to become more efficient, and to maximize resources for growth to reach the next level, then the BluePrint Membership is for you.  If you find there just are not enough hours in the day to do everything that you need to do in your business, it's time to automate and reduce waste through efficiencies, and regain a satisfying Work/Life Balance.

The BluePrint: $29.99/mo Let's Do This!

What Our Students Are Saying:

I can say it's been great working with you and with the Members. Thank you for your dedication in helping those of us who needed the continued support. I feel this program was so very helpful.  My biggest problem was pricing my work! Once you welcomed us into the free trial of Chef Equation®, I was able to really SEE where I was underpricing.  Chef Equation® is very helpful.  I also loved how you taught information that was well needed in building your brand, your name, and logo.  They must go hand in hand.  I would definitely recommend this course for someone ready to get started (with their new business) soon.  Thumbs up to Chef Equation® and Baking Up Profits®!

- Dana Yarbough Fluker - De'Lights by the Slice

I've been in the baking business for a few years and have a strong business background from the corporate world and thought I'd checked all the boxes for success. I'd taken a few other baking related courses but none compare to The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits®! I'm honestly pretty hard to impress but this course totally blew my socks off! Each week a different topic was presented with so much thought and detail that I couldn't do anything but succeed! While I was working hard I was also having fun and meeting other bakers. I found I was not just rebuilding the foundation of my business, I was building self confidence and confidence in my products and my brand. Besides the knowledge I've gained, I came away with a support team of baking friends. Those kind of friends who can empathize when you're overwhelmed, help with solutions and cheer your successes (confetti moments)! I only wish I had found this course before I did so much trial and error work! The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits® is well worth every penny!

- Diane Burns - I. E. Originals

Baking Up Profits® is a very organized, practical and extremely helpful course. I was able to turn a passionate hobby into a  successful local small business.  The course is just plain amazing !! There are detailed transcripts, very easy to follow video's, step by step pictures and weekly meetings and one -on-one calls with Natalie where I could ask any question that I had on my mind. I loved how she shared her own experiences when she was starting out that helped me realize that I too could succeed one day. The group discussions with other entrepreneurs were fun and helpful. I have made lifelong friends who share the same interests and we are growing together. I cannot say any one module was more helpful than the others (I use each and every one)! I highly recommend Baking Up Profits® to anyone who wants to be a successful food entrepreneur, but doesn't have the time to go to culinary/business school.

- Tina Trice - The Appreciation Cookie Co

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This Course Is For You IF:

  1. You want the opportunity to grow your brand but need a little extra time and energy to make it happen!
  2. You're overwhelmed and feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels within your baking business, and unable to get out of those ruts to BUILD and MAXIMIZE your business.
  3. You WANT to take back your time, energy, and money, to REINVEST IN YOURSELF and you're willing to put in the effort and investment of automating tasks TO DO IT!
  4. You're already working every spare minute to make this business WORK, now you just need to make it WORK FOR YOU!
  5. You WANT to automate areas of your business but you're a little afraid of the TECH aspects.
  6. You KNOW that to get more TIME, ENERGY, PROFIT, with less stress, means that you have to automate areas of your business.
  7. You're READY to make this happen and PREPARED to do the work to get there!
  8. You know that every small step toward EFFICIENCY equals gains in PROFICIENCY!

The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits® Master Course:

You have dreams of building your food business, but you want to be free to work ON your business,

instead of buried IN your business

...because you want to have the time to devote to your family, your friends, and YOURSELF. Time to LIVE YOUR LIFE!


Maybe you've already jumped in with both feet!  Are you set up for success? Do you have the systems in place to build your brand, know your costs, and manage your business without struggling through year after year?

Does the business feel like it's running your life instead of the other way around?  Because that's how I felt with my startup!

It happens to so many food-preneurs and small business owners, especially when you wear all the hats - owner, creative director, builder, baker, human resources manager, accountant, marketer, purchasing manager.  I was there once, running from task to task, wishing I had more time, missing my family, feeling guilty if I didn't spend time with them, but also guilty if I wasn't focused 100% on the business.

At this moment, maybe you, too:

  • have a vision of where you'd like to be in 5 years, but are always being pulled into the daily grind and can't free up the energy to make that vision happen.
  • are willing to work hard to make your dreams happen, but there aren't enough hours in the day and you're frustrated by the lack of forward progression.
  • know there has to be a way to trim the time that it takes to do the tasks, "all the things", but the path and tools aren't obvious.
  • want to spend time with family and friends, and spend time doing things you love; you feel guilty, but the business always seems to come first.
  • are very close to burnout, BUT you built this thing that was once magical, and you'd like it to be that way again.

3 Options to Choose From!


Bonus: 2 months Free Access to

The Chef Equation® App

Where we've wrapped all those excels up into a tidy, but powerful, bundle.

($39.98 Added Value)


7 Apps in One

  •  Ingredient and Supply Cost Tracker
  • Digital Recipe Card
  • Container Fill Weight Tracker to get perfect and consistent results every time
  • Instant Order/Quote Sheet with real costs
  • Container Prep List to shorten those baking days
  • Scaled Batter Batch Builder
  • Shopping List - all mobile optimized for access from ANY device.

Scale Your Weekly Recipes


Have you found yourself swimming in extra icing?  Or worse, being 3 cookies short?  

Chef Equation® will scale your recipes based on your orders, and scale it down to the last ounce! 

Whether you're baking 900 cookies for a Farmer's Market or 2 for a Custom Order, Chef Equation® will scale your recipe and your ingredient needs to match...right down to the last ounce. 

No wasted ingredients and no more wasted  labor or time!

How Much Should I Charge?


You'll never have to ask that question again.  

With Chef Equation®, you'll know exactly your cost of ingredients/recipe and your cost of supplies. 

You'll have endless options for including your Overhead Expenses and Your Time/Worth/Value! 

Keep your quotes simple or include every detail. 

Chef Equation® has the flexibility to behave the way YOU want it to.

Then and Now

Hi!  I'm Natalie!  I'm not special or unique... I'm probably a lot like you.  I'm a small town girl who had a knack for business, who could see the problems of bakery ownership, and could develop systems to overcome them.  I saw ways to build my brand and set myself apart from my competition.  I studied my business as if I were planning to write a thesis. 


Hah!  Who knew!  My "thesis" would become the basis of Baking Up Profits® and the Chef Equation® App.  Learn from my wins and successes. Learn from my mistakes.  I can show you where to prune to make room for growth, and I'm willing to share all of my processes to help you succeed faster, with less stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits®:

3 Options to Choose From!

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The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits® Master Course:

Starting a Food Business?  Learn to build it AND

Free Up Your Most Valuable Resources -

Time, Energy, and maybe even Profit!

by Learning Where You Can Automate & Trim Waste

in Your Baking and Food Business

(Because wearing all the hats, all the time, is exhausting enough without the added weight of MANUALLY doing "all the things".)

How would it feel to have weight lifted from your shoulders? To go home on time. To stress less and to spend more time with family and friends again?

With the right knowledge, tools, and our Chef Equation® App, you CAN have a compelling business that you ENJOY managing,

while also freeing up resources to Reinvest in Yourself.


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