How to prevent losing focus and manage your distractions.

Oct 20, 2021

I used to pick up the phone and answer every call and message, every time it rang. Not only was it an interruption, I was really slow at getting back into the task at hand.

The interruption broke my rhythm, it slowed me down. Once there was a phone call, I would stop. I would answer the phone. I would take care of the situation. And then I would go back to the task at hand and I would find myself with a form of writer's block all of a sudden.

I had to restart the battery.

Since then, I have turned off every dinging, every blinking, every, every booping, every little message notification on my phone and my laptop.


You've worked really hard to break down your most important objectives into the most important tasks. That's the first half of time management. The second half, is much easier said than done:

Eliminating distractions so we can stay focused.

Some distractions are sneaky. Really sneaky. And for me, a lot of those distractions were disguised as work. And I didn't really think of them as distractions until I started time-blocking and I realized that they were acting in direct competition with the tasks and goals that I needed to get done for my budgeted hours. These things were direct competitors.

Those guys were:

Email notifications

Text notifications

Telephone calls

and social media notifications.

These were my biggest, sneaky distractions. So once you realize that they compete with the other things that you have to get done, you start to go. Hmm, Hmm. Maybe those aren't as important as I thought they were.

Other distractions are social distractions.


Talkative family members,


And if you are work from home parents some distractions are kind of mandatory.

Children who desire your attention,

Babies who need you,

Children who need help with homework.

So how do we eliminate distractions that are part of our day-to-day life? I mean, is it even possible to eliminate them?

I don't think it's possible. I think it's too much to ask if I were to say, "Hey, eliminate all of your distractions." You don't live in a bubble.

Instead, I want you to think in terms of managing those distractions. Managing those distractions. Even the texts and phone calls, you got to deal with them at some point. So manage them.

I have a block of time for responding to those things. So I'm managing it by setting aside blocks of times where I respond to emails, phone calls, texts, and those social notifications.

Otherwise I'm constantly picking up the phone and it interrupts my workflow. By blocking that time by blocking the time for that, It helped my brain understand that there's a time for that, And I was able to maintain my mental focus on the project at hand.

And then it was time to switch gears, I was able to change my mental focus and go back to the emails and the communication.



Make a list of all of the distractions in your life and in your business life.  Look for the sneaky ones, look for the mandatory ones and make that list.

Then determine how are you going to manage them?

Is it something you can eliminate?

Is it something that you create a specific time block for?

How are you going to manage your distractions? 

We do not live in a bubble. We're social human beings. I don't think it's fair to say eliminate them.

How can you manage them? Make that list.

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