Living the American Dream

Jul 05, 2021

Independence - a single word that defines so much - like my Freedom to vote the way I want to, to make a difference, and to be an Entrepreneur, to be DIFFERENT.  If you had the Freedom to DO or BE ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE?🧑‍🚀


Entrepreneurs...tell me if you feel the same!


I mean sure, some call me crazy. Yes, I COULD get a job somewhere with less stress, more pay - but I've been there, done that. 


Small business ownership isn't for everyone...but it IS for me!


I do this because I WANT to.  I can't stop thinking about my role and what I can offer and how I can help. 


I do this because I see it as a perpetually shifting challenge,  and I LIKE this game. It's a lot like chess but goes as long as I let it.  The pieces and the board shift.  It stays interesting, and I approach each day joyfully.  JOYFULLY!   I mean, how blessed am I?  I'm no longer a pawn but the game master!


Yes, there is risk involved, but maybe we try harder when there's something to lose.  Of course I make mistakes, but I learn from them.  Sure...sometimes it makes me crazy.  But most of the time, I LOVE this challenge called entrepreneurship!


Living the American Dream!  How originally American is that?  Maybe just one step below 🥧 blueberry and rhubarb pie.


In today's world, you DO have the ability to be or do anything.

What do you WANT to do? 


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