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baking up profits courses time management website building Jun 24, 2021

I trained my website to become my Virtual Assistant reducing my "messaging time" from 15 hours per week to 9.  I was able to justify taking Monday's off!

How did I accomplish this?

  • I built a stellar FAQ Page that answered all the most common client questions.
  • I crafted a compelling brand story to give potential clients a glimpse into my business and to set myself apart from everyone else.
  • I picked the very best photos to represent my work in my gallery.
  • And I focused my website on my FAQ, Brand Story, and Gallery.
  • Then I set up auto responders and links that took people from the various social and messaging platforms to my website.  I even crafted a cute voicemail that did the same.


In Module 1 of the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits®, we spend an entire week on this one series of steps.   Worry prevented me from improving my website for almost 2 years!  Why?

I was:

  • Worried about setting aside time to learn a new skill when time was already so precious.
  • Shocked that hiring someone to build it for me carried a price tag of thousands of dollars. 
  • Concerned that I might not "get" the technology aspects if I did it myself.
  • Afraid that it was going to cost me an arm and a leg to set up.


Let me give you the back story:

In the first few months of ramping up my bakery orders, right after leaving my 9 to 5 corporate career and in the process of building out the brick and mortar barker, it became really apparent that I was spending a LOT of time on communications with potential clients.  I was spending about 15 minutes an hour answering the phone, replying to messages and texts, and handling the email notifications.  And it was coming at me from all directions. I was already working 6 days a week (at least), 10 to 12 hours a day. 

15 minutes doesn't sound like a lot, until you add it up.  I was spending anywhere from 900 minutes to 1080 minutes on back and forth communications...That's 15 to 18 hours per week on communications!  And a lot of the communications never converted into sales!


I was making myself crazy, constantly answering the phone, the texts, the dinging notifications.  And, I also noticed that once interrupted, I was REALLY slow in getting back into my groove, and heaven forbid if I was in the middle of measuring ingredients for a recipe.  That was a disaster.  And the time drain continued.


I realized I had to do something, and I had a choice.  

  • I could hire someone to field the messages.  
  • Or I could find ways to automate the process!


But, I was unsure.

So I hired someone.  


And, 3 months later she moved.  So I hired another office assistant, she was perfect!  And 2 months later she found a job closer to home.  And another, and 6 months later she pursued a new career.  Another year wasted.  The cycle was on repeat and I was STILL spending so much time fielding the same questions, same messages, and trying to juggle all the communications channels - even WITH someone hired into the role.  Add to that, I spent my spare cash flow on extra payroll that I really couldn't afford.


So I made the OTHER choice.

  • I built a FREE website!  (No arms or legs involved!)
  • I focused on the communications and common questions aspects.
  • I represented myself and my business in my very best light.
  • And I funneled those communications to just 2 streams that I could manage in half the time.
  • And an UNEXPECTED BONUS, potential clients were able to see if I was the right bakery for them before reaching out, which weeded out many of the inquiries that weren't going to convert.

If you need help outlining and implementing the details to build your Virtual Assistant Website or to Improve Your Existing Site, consider enrolling in the BluePrint.  I took a lot of notes during my "transition" to my unpaid virtual assistant.  I'm happy to share everything I learned!

Insider's Discounted Enrollment Ends June 27th.  Lock in last year's pricing before Open Enrollment begins on June 28th.


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