How to squeeze it all in? Time Blocking - 1 method of Time Management

time management Oct 12, 2021

That feeling of overwhelm...loss of focus?  My coach helped me navigate back to my path.  I hope this information can help you too!

She said, "Natalie, where's your calendar? Where's your planner?"

I was like, "well, I haven't been using it."

My coach replied, "but we've talked about this and how much it means to you and how important it is to put the things on your calendar so that you block out the time."

And I thought, "you know what? You're right. You're right." And as soon as I started again and started blocking out my time, I felt so much more focused and so much more accomplished. And that's our goal is to feel focused and accomplished. It does take a bit of purposeful intent to make Time Blocking a habit.

So what is this concept of time blocking?

Think of it as kind of a budget. But instead of money, you have 24 hours.

That's it, 24 hours. So you get a whopping paycheck of 24 hours every single day for the rest of your life. And that's it, no more, no raises in this category.

Unfortunately you have fixed expenses, right? Sleep, meals, managing your day, and caring for family.  That time is already budgeted, planned, like house payments and utility bills.  What do you do with the other hours? 

That's what time blocking is about...budgeting the remaining hours.

Let's say, you've looked at your day, you've looked at your week and you're writing out task lists, task lists. You look at the 10 hours remaining in your day, you look at your task list and there are more than 10 items on that list and your body and your brain screams, "I can't budget it all in".

That's right. You can't, you can't budget it all in. And that's why I said, you have to be okay with cutting some things out.

It's a matter of forcing your brain to recognize that you have a limited number of hours to spend. So let's look at the task list and find that three or four major objectives that we really want to spend our time on and can realistically accomplish in our hours. The ones that are going to make the biggest difference in your day, in your week, in your month and your year in your life, in your business,


And like I said, it took a while to come to terms with that being okay with not getting it all done. And I actually found it was easier for me If I physically scratched out the ones that I felt were less important, it's almost like I checked them off the list, even though I didn't do them.

That's kind of how I rationalized it in my brain.

And then I focused on the major tasks. And side note here. Take into consideration personal time and self care too.  You need that bit of joy to round out your day!

Here's the link to that fully customizable Daily Focus Planner.

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