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Finally, an affordable app designed for small to mid sized Food-Preneurs!

If you've researched bakery management apps, you know they run from $99/month to $249/month with some hefty installation fees and extra hardware.  Chef Equation® costs only $12.99/month ($129 for annual plans) and works with any of your existing devices - mobile, tablet, or pc.  It doesn't require switching website platforms or payment processors.  It was developed with easy startup and flexibility in mind.

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Compared to $99/mo

  • Includes unlimited Products, Orders, Recipes, and Customers.
  • Continue using your preferred web host and payment processors.
  • One license covers all users and devices in your business.
  • Access it on ANY tablet, ANY mobile device, or from ANY PC that you use for your business.
  • Cloud based storage - no downloads or software to keep up with, and updates and improvements are automatic.
  • Ongoing support and onboarding.
  • Comes pre-loaded with pantry items, containers, and recipes to get you started.
  • Handles single AND multi stage recipes, such as commercial mixes and fermented doughs.
  • Track your ingredient and material costs.
  • Pull recipes and materials into order forms/production forms with a simple click from a drop down menu.
  • Consolidate recipes across your orders to print single batch recipe cards for one bowl mix and prep.
  • Know what containers to prep and how much of each recipe is needed to fill each one for consistent results and less prep time.
  • Generate shopping lists for fast inventory control and purchase order management.
  • Attach images and files, such as inspiration photos, design and plating expectations, or documents and contracts.
  • Add automatic profit margin calculations to price for profit.

The Chef Equation® App

What are the benefits?

7 Apps in One


Ingredient and Supply Cost Tracker.

Digital Recipe Card with Baker's Percentages.

Container Fill Weight Tracker for consistent results every time.

Instant Order/Quote Sheet with costs and suggested retails.

Container Prep List to shorten those baking days.

Scaled Batter Batch Builder consolidates the same recipe across orders.

Inventory and Ingredient Shopping Lists.

Scale Your Weekly Recipes

Have you found yourself swimming in extra cupcakes?  Or worse, being 3 cupcakes short? 

Chef Equation® will scale your recipes based on your orders, and scale it down to the last ounce! 

Whether you're baking 900 cupcakes or 2, Chef Equation® will scale your recipe and your ingredient needs to match...right down to the last cupcake. 

No wasted ingredients and no more wasted labor or time!

How Much Should I Charge?

You'll never have to ask that question again because Chef Equation® applies your preferred profit margin to each order/production run.

With Chef Equation®, you'll know exactly your cost of ingredients/recipe and your cost of supplies. 

You'll have endless options for pulling Ingredients and Materials, and Expenses into your Order/Production Forms.

Keep your quotes simple or include every detail. 

Chef Equation® has the flexibility to behave the way YOU want it to.


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Who is the app for?

Anyone in the food industry with a small to medium sized business!  Bakers, Cookie Decorators, Edible Artists, Treat Makers, Food Truck Chefs, Personal Chefs, Brick and Mortar Bakeries, and Culinary Instructors.  It's designed it to be flexible enough to handle everything from case goods to detailed custom orders. Whether you operate as an individual entrepreneur or the owner of a brick and mortar business, whether you make sweet or savory items, we created Chef Equation® with you in mind.

Support at your Fingertips

We are here to help you.  There is a support chat box inside the app to help you at any point if you feel stuck or have a scenario that you aren't quite sure how to enter into the app for best results.  We have a page devoted to training, complete with videos and examples.  We even offer data entry services if you need help getting your Pantry and your Recipes set up.

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