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The Chef Equation™ App

You'll never ask the question, "How Much Should I Charge" again.

  (Because we both know, it's more than just a bag of groceries!)

Your recipes will be scalable in seconds, you'll know the exact cost of every piece you create, you'll understand how to apply your time and labor, and you'll have weekly bake recipes generated in seconds, with no wasted ingredients and no waste in labor.

You can have the tools that do the calculations FOR YOU, and you'll set your business up to create instant quotes that are fair and real, because I'm giving you the same processes that I used to streamline my OWN business.

AND it's going to be mind blowing! 

This app will change the way you look at your costs and your pricing and is designed to streamline the quote process - so you can focus more on the Craft and less on the Calculations!

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The Chef Equation™ App

7 Apps in One


Ingredient and Supply Cost Tracker

Digital Recipe Card

Container Fill Weight Tracker to get perfect and consistent results every time

Instant Order/Quote Sheet with real costs

Container Prep List to shorten those baking days

Scaled Batter Batch Builder

Shopping List - all mobile optimized for access from ANY device.

Scale Your Weekly Recipes

Have you found yourself swimming in extra cupcakes?  Or worse, being 3 cupcakes short? 

Chef Equation™ will scale your recipes based on your orders, and scale it down to the last ounce! 

Whether you're baking 900 cupcakes or 2, Chef Equation™ will scale your recipe and your ingredient needs to match...right down to the last cupcake. 

No wasted ingredients and no more wasted  labor or time!

How Much Should I Charge?

You'll never have to ask that question again. 

With Chef Equation™, you'll know exactly your cost of ingredients/recipe and your cost of supplies. 

You'll have endless options for including your Overhead Expenses and Your Time/Worth/Value! 

Keep your quotes simple or include every detail. 

Chef Equation™ has the flexibility to behave the way YOU want it to.

App Training and Guidance

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Streamline Your Food Business

Chef Equation takes your costs, your value and worth, and your overhead and uses that information to generate instant quote sheets for your orders.  It helps you streamline your prep and mixing days and calculates batter batches, down to the last ounce, saving you enormous amounts of time, energy, and waste.  It even generates your shopping list, so you can stay focused.

Take Back Your Time, Your Energy, and Your Profit!

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Who is the app for?

Anyone in the food industry!  Bakers, Cookie Decorators, Edible Artists, Treat Makers, Food Truck Chefs, Personal Chefs, Brick and Mortar Bakeries, and Culinary Instructors.  I've designed it to be flexible enough to handle everything from case goods to detailed custom orders. Whether you operate as an individual entrepreneur or the owner of a brick and mortar business, whether you make sweet or savory items, we created Chef Equation™ with you in mind.

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Feeling a little overwhelmed?  We get it!  7 apps in one, there's a lot packed inside Chef Equation™.  We want to see you succeed and use this tool to its fullest.  We have an onboarding process (we call them Challenges!)  to get you started.  You'll go step by step with us, using one of your OWN orders as a real example.  Calendar YOUR Challenge Today.

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You Deserve To Be Paid What You're Worth

And we can take the Guesswork Out of the Equation!

The Tools: Try the Chef Equationâ„¢ App FREE for 30 Days