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Pop Up Shops - Build The Complete Plan, With Collaboration In Mind

When considering a Pop Up Shop, it's important to think of it as a Collaboration. 

Like a styled shoot, a Pop Up Shop should be a Win/Win for all parties involved!

Pop up shops, if done correctly, can:

  • Introduce your brand to a new customer base.
  • Build your brand identity - your logo, your vision, your brand story.
  • Foster relationships with vendors who can help refer you to a larger customer base on a regular schedule, introduce you to other influential circles, and vouch for you and your business.
  • Increase your circle of marketing with posts and cross posts to new audiences.
  • Raise your level of visible professionalism - to your audience and to vendors and hosts!
  • And get your delicious treats into the hands of new people who can rave about you.

What you'll do:

  • Learn WHO to approach and HOW to start the conversation, (by preparing an offer that's impossible to refuse because it doubles the value for both Your Business and Your Host!)
  • Prepare a Demonstration that fully shares your Vision (before you reach out to your potential host, complete with mock up ideas of what you would offer in your space, to maximize customer attraction.)
  • Consider logistics, your needs for set up and day-of selling,  and map out your space (so you are 100% prepared on event day!)
  • Get my thoughts and my Personal Marketing Checklist of ideas (to get the word out so you see greater excitement, engagement, and attendance.)

The lessons come complete with pdf worksheets so you can build your plan in time with the course material.

By the end, you'll have:

  • Determined Your First Host
  • Planned Your Collaborative Package
  • Prepared a Demonstration
  • Researched the Perfect Packaging
  • Decided How to Incorporate Branding, Logos, and Signage
  • Considered an Up-sell Menu for Added Revenue and Greater Opportunity
  • Thought through Logistics for Set Up and Day Of Selling
  • Created a Check-List of Things to Pack
  • Created a Map Plan for Set Up
  • Planned an Asset Library 
  • Planned a Marketing Calendar for Joint Posts and Cross Posting
  • Listed Your Event On Local Events and Social Platforms
  • Considered Email, Flyers, and Other Means of Getting the Word Out
  • A Plan to Collaborate Amazingly Well and Look Like a Super Hero for your next Pop Up Shop