On Today's Walk - Musings of a Bake-Preneur

On Today's Walk - Musings of a Bake-Preneur

Hosted by: Natalie Madison

There's no such thing as after hours for an entrepreneur, but my daily walks are where I unload my thoughts, recap my highs and lows, build my dreams, and find inspiration. Take a short walk with me as we talk all...

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Independence, the Freedom to be an Entrepreneur

Episode #1

Independence - the ability to do something without the control or influence of others. Is that also the definition of Entrepreneurship? Independence, Freedom, Entrepreneurship - correlation? Yes, I think so. Small...
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Defining Vitality Versus Functionality

Episode #2

My take on Daniel Priestley's "Person of Vitality"... I would summarize a Person of Vitality as someone who Lives for the Moment and is Energized as they BUILD THE PATH to adaptable solutions - creative problem...
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Set Yourself Apart with a Compelling Brand Story

Episode #3

Find that one unique thing about you and your business that you can use to set yourself apart. Use it to develop your niche and your brand story. Use it to attract the clients that you most want to work with, those...
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A Little Pep Talk for those "Heck of a Days"

Episode #4

If you have days where you feel like you just couldn't get to ANYTHING on your to-do list...know that you're not alone. Take a little walk and let's pep each other up! Because you, my Friend, are awesome, and you...
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Juggling all the things? Time blocking may help.

Episode #5

By staying within the blocked time, and staying hyper focused on the "one thing", I find myself less stressed and eager to tackle all the things! Before blocking, I felt like I was trapped in Everlasting...
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My number one tool for Time Management is my Daily Focus Planner

Episode #6

Create your own Daily Focus Planner! Click the link below for a free Canva Template. https://www.chefequation.com/dailyfocusplanner
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