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The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits :

Free Up Your Most Valuable Resources - Time, Energy, and maybe even Profit!

by Learning Where You Can Automate & Trim Waste in Your Baking and Food Business

(Because wearing all the hats, all the time, is exhausting enough without the added weight of MANUALLY doing "all the things".)

How would it feel to have weight lifted from your shoulders? To go home on time? To stress less and to spend more time with family and friends again?

With the right knowledge, tools, and our Chef Equation App, you CAN have a compelling business that you ENJOY managing,

while also freeing up resources to Reinvest in Yourself.

[implemented across

 8 sessions]

[so you can TAKE BACK YOUR TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY and reinvest in Yourself, whether that's a better work/life balance, scaling up and growing your business, or a reinvestment and diversification of your profits into something else that you love]

Free Up Your Most Valuable Resources - Time, Energy, and maybe even Profit!

by Learning Where You Can Automate & Trim Waste in Your Baking and Food Business

Because wearing all the hats, all the time, is exhausting enough without the added weight of MANUALLY doing "all the things".

How would it feel to have weight lifted from your shoulders? To go home on time? To stress less and to spend more time with family and friends again?

With the right knowledge, tools, and our Chef Equation App, you CAN have a compelling business that you ENJOY managing,

while also freeing up resources to Reinvest in Yourself.

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You'll also get lifetime access this course, INCLUDING all future updates and improvements.  You're helping us build it, of course you'll have access to version 2.0 and onward.

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What are our Objectives?

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Built a Stellar (and Free) Website and Facebook Business Page with an AWESOME FAQ Page to REDUCE THE PHONE CALLS, MESSAGES, AND TEXTS (that ask the same questions over and over.)


  • Created Contracts and Other Helpful Documents to cover your bases before, during, and after taking orders to REDUCE YOUR LIABILITY AND EXPOSURE AND FRUSTRATION IN RESPONSE TO A POOR CUSTOMER REACTION.

  • Generated Accurate Costs Per Serving for Quotes AND SHOW YOUR PROFIT so you know exactly where you need to adjust your pricing!



  • Streamlined Your Order Form to Capture Both Vital Information and FUTURE LEADS FOR CONTINUED BUSINESS GROWTH, without searching for text messages, emails, and scribbled notes.

  • Learned to Leverage a Mix of AUTO Email Marketing, AUTO Text Marketing, Auto Scheduled Social Media Campaigns, and AUTO but CUSTOMIZED Postcards that Build Your Brand and Instantly Get Your Messages Out, DEVELOPING LIFELONG RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CLIENTS.

What will I get in The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits?

  • 8 modules of actionable goals to transform your business with automations to free up your resources! Primarily your Time!
  • An Insiders Group of Alumni where you'll get constant support and access to Natalie as your mentor and coach, complete with live Q&A Sessions and Coaching Calls.
  • Bonus Courses, PDF's, and Guides that might further help in this transformation.
  • Lifetime, downloadable access, to the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits Course, INCLUDING  all future updates and improvements.
  • Access to course material in bite sized chunks, that you can return to and implement at your own pace, during this course launch or FUTURE launches.  You can engage and interact with the community again and again until you have each actionable goal perfected.  

Is This Course Right for You?


The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You want the opportunity to grow your brand but need a little extra time and energy to make it happen!
  2. You're overwhelmed and feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels within your baking business, and unable to get out of those ruts to BUILD and MAXIMIZE your business.
  3. You WANT to take back your time, energy, and money, to REINVEST IN YOURSELF and you're willing to put in the investment of automating tasks TO DO IT!
  4. You're already working every spare minute to make this business WORK, now you just need to make it WORK FOR YOU!
  5. You WANT to automate areas of your business but you're a little afraid of the TECH aspects.
  6. You KNOW that to get more TIME, ENERGY, PROFIT, with Less Stress, means that you have to automate areas of your business.
  7. You're READY to make this happen and PREPARED to do the work to get there!
  8. You know that every small step toward EFFICIENCY equals gains in PROFICIENCY!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits
(A $1120 Value)


  • 8 Modules - Across 12 Actionable Weeks (But You Can Go at Your Own Pace) To Make You More Efficient, More Profitable, and Less Stressed in Your Baking Business


  • Automate Many of Your Day to Day and Week to Week Tasks

    Freeing up your time to re-invest in yourself! Woot!  That could mean time reinvested in the business or maybe self-care spa time! You choose!
  • Find the Right Value for Your Work!

    A win/win of producing fair prices for your clients that incorporate your time, your WORTH, and your expenses while freeing up the stress of not knowing how to price.
  • Understand your costs and your profit fully

    Which will then give valuable insight on where you should spend your time and efforts the most - where you have the most profit to gain.
  • Gather The Right Information to Capture Future Sales

    And develop life-long, loyal relationships, with your clients, for remarketing and building of your network of referrals.
  • Learn to Standardized Forms, Use Automated Marketing Tools, And Build Your Brand

    Guaranteed to give you a level of professionalism and legitimacy that will make you stand out in the crowd and get the attention you deserve in your industry.

Plus These Bonuses to Help Answer Other Questions You May Have


Bonus 1

2 Months Access to Chef Equation Free

The Calculator App Designed to do the Math For You

(A $40 Value)

What You’ll Get:

During the 8 modules of the Active Course, You'll Unlock All of the Standard Features of Chef Equation

  • Recipe Costing
  • Instant Quotes
  • Library of Ingredients and Supplies
  • Batch Recipe Printing
  • Cloud Storage
Bonus 2

Leveraging The Pop Up Shop

Whether you're an established business with brick and mortar or a cottage baker -  Pop Up Shops have many advantages

(A $120 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Inside this bonus, you'll get insight to leveraging a very under used resource... The Pop Up Shop

  • Making the Connection with a Local Business to Host Your Shop
  • The Purpose and Goals of a Pop Up Shop - Everything From Testing New Products, Brand Awareness, and Lead Generation
  • Follow Up and Follow Through for Greater Opportunities
Bonus 3

Weekly Q&A and Coaching Sessions

Get Questions to Your Answers in Real Time As You Are Working

Hosted twice a week, for the full 12 weeks, for flexible scheduling.

(A $35 Value - each coaching session = $840)

What You’ll Get:

  • An opportunity to get in depth answers to questions as you work.
  • Suggestions and advice to continue building your brand.
  • Real Time Q&A Sessions and Support

Our Golden Money Back Guarantee

We believe SO Strongly that you WILL see results that we offer a money back guarantee!

But, you have to demonstrate that you've done the work. There's more to it than just attending the classes or watching the video replays. There's a lot of work to be done, and success doesn't magically happen. But, with consistent effort, you WILL see results. 

If within 14 days of class start you don't begin to feel that what we are doing will automate some of your weekly tasks, freeing up your time to invest in other areas, you can reach out to us by email to request your Money Back Guarantee.

You can find the full details and requirements on our Refund Policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits:

I can’t wait for you to join The BluePrint to Baking Up Profits!

Just a reminder...not long ago, I was Just Like You!  Side hustle turned home baker.  Home baker turned licensed studio brick and mortar baker.  Business owner turned Entrepreneur!  From $15,000 to $220,000, annually, in cake revenue in just 4 years.  Then from there to diversification into other areas of the industry. But to do it, I had to FREE UP YOUR RESOURCES to REINVEST!  

Resources?  Yes...your most valuable resources: your Time, your Energy, your Profit!

If you are a home baker, or a newly made brick and mortar bakery owner, this course is designed for you!  Specifically for you!

And, we believe so whole-heartedly in what we have to offer, we are offering a risk free, money back guarantee.  Yes...we believe that strongly.

Truly Yours, Natalie Madison

Is This Course Right For YOU?

Let's talk about who I've designed this Master Course for.


If you’re a hardworking, determined entrepreneur in any stage of Home Bakery Ownership (or New Brick and Mortar), and you are tired and nearing burn out because there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the tasks of the daily grind AND all the tasks required build, market, deliver, and enjoy your business {while also maintaining an enjoyable life/work balance in which you get paid your real worth}...then I've designed this course specifically for you.

You, my Friend, YOU are making it happen, every day!  You're up early (or up really late) putting in the hours to reach potential customers, to bake, to decorate, to manage, and there are so many tasks on the to-do list each week. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could automate some of those tasks each week, and have them happen in minutes rather than hours?  If you could save 10 minutes here, 50 minutes there, another hour and a half on that task, 2 hours on that one...what would you do with that extra time?  

How often do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, doing the same task today that you did yesterday, reinventing the wheel, every week.  If I could give you the tools and the opportunity to transform your business to be more efficient, would you do it?

Are you struggling with wasted ingredients, wasted  batter, or wasted time?  If I could provide tools that can instantly calculate your recipes right down to the last cupcake or the last 4 inch cookie, with the press of a button, would you take advantage of those resources?

Are you struggling with creating quotes for you clients that incorporate your value, your time, and your costs? Developing prices that are fair but also have enough profit margin built in for you to pay your business expenses and to pay yourself?

If you said yes to one or all of the above, then I designed this course for you!  You're definitely in the right place.  Read On!

Let me tell you exactly how the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support to see you on your path to transforming your business to one that is more efficient, more organzied, and more profitable, with less stress for you.

The proof is in the pudding (or icing in this case)

Yes...this is me, in my first month of owning a Studio Bakery outside of my home...And then 4 years later.

I started with a standard home refrigerator, a standard home oven, a breakfast table as my worktable, and a single 5 quart KitchenAid Mixer.  It's hard to even imagine that this is where I started, and it's amazing to see how far I've grown since then. I couldn't have done it without the amazing support of my sweet husband, my friends, my clients and my biggest fans. I couldn't have done it without putting a lot of systems in place to free up my resources.  I didn't have loads of cash, fancy investors, or free time.  But what I DID have was a whole lot of drive and ambition. If You're Reading This then YOU DO TOO!  If I can do it, so can you.  My goal? To help you get there without burning out first!

Learn from Natalie's Successes...and Mistakes.

"Natalie is both entrepreneur and coach, artist and analyst, teacher and student. She's an award winning cake artist whose work has been published numerous times. She makes regular appearances on Good Afternoon Arkansas. She wears many hats: Owner of Art Is In Cakes Bakery Supply, Edible Arts Instructor in her Classroom, Creator of the Chef Equation App (launching soon!), Founder of Baking Up Profits Courses, and Semi-Retired Baker and Cake Decorator specializing in high-end events with detailed artful wedding cakes and engineered sculpted cakes.  Filled with knowledge, but down to earth and approachable, Natalie wants you to succeed!"

Your Instructor: Natalie Madison, Owner & Artist words only scratch the surface of my favorite teacher, Natalie Madison.  When you walk into Natalie's classroom, you can feel the positive energy and you know you are going to walk out having created something fabulous. Natalie has years of experience that she so freely shares, from sculpting cake  to legal business baking questions, Natalie has the answers and is willing to share them. With her calm demeanor, patience and giving spirit you can't go wrong spending time with Natalie and her good vibes! 

- Karon Reynolds, Cake Sculptor


What's Inside the BluePrint to Baking Up Profits?

This is what we have so far...but remember, as a Founding Member, I'm looking for your insight!  We have weekly Think Tank calls leading right up to launch to fine tune the curriculum to suit YOUR needs and YOUR goals.

Module 1

Develop a (Free) Website and Facebook Business Page that Answers the Most Common Questions About Your Business - So You Don't Have To!

Answering calls and emails, responding to texts, facebook messages, direct messaging, comments; covering the same questions over and over again: it's inefficient and can eat a lot of time in your day.  I used to get so frustrated when I had to stop mixing or decorating to answer the telephone, or respond to text messages, knowing it was a necessary evil.  It would break my pace, and often set my creative flow back an hour. 

Learn to automate some of those responses.

Module Highlights:

Take advantage of a Free Website Builder and Platform and Facebook's Business Page and Strategic Voice Messages to

  • Reduce the total number of phone calls, texts, and emails requesting answers to common questions, by pre-screening, redirecting, and automating the call back processes.
  • Develop a well written and proven voice message that pre-screens your calls, directing callers to the FAQ pages and booking calendars while your "hands are in the batter", and reducing call backs  to serious inquiries, only.
  • Build a beautiful website, that grows as you grow, with photo galleries that display your portfolio, in a way that make people want to buy the things that you want to make.
Module 2

Automate Your Payment Processes So You Don't Have to Chase Down the Payment

If you've ever had to chase down payments, you know how frustrating and time consuming this is.  And apps like CashApp and Venmo, well they aren't exactly PCI Compliant leaving them open to hackers and potential liability issues.  What should be simple becomes a time drain, and plus, those last minute payments mean scrambling to get things done for projects that would have been near completion if payment had been made earlier.  So, let's automate it and make it secure.

Module Highlights:

Learn to use Square, a PCI Compliant and Secure Portal, encrypted from end to end, to send payment reminders and take payments automatically, at low processing rates.  The app tracks cash payments for you too, with no transaction fee.

  • Learn to set up Square as your PCI Compliant Payment Processor.
  • Review Free and Optional Hardware to help you take paments, in-person on the fly, at Pop Up Shops, at Bridal Shows, at Local Farmers Markets with a free square reader.
  • Take Retainers, Payments, and Send Payment Reminders easily through pre-scheduled and emailed payment invoices - my personal favorite.
  • Use Square Software to Generate Reports for analytics, sales analysis, and tax reporting.
Module 3

Create Contracts and Other Helpful Documents

To cover your bases, before, during, and after taking orders so you don't have to magically remember to cover each point, each time you take on an event.

Module Highlights:  Planned as Bonus Material...your feedback has helped us make the decision to spend an entire week on this topic. :)

Set Client Expectations from the beginning and Reduce Your Liability and Exposure as well as Frustration, to Percieved Poor Customer Reaction.  

  • Have you had someone demand a full refund because you weren't able to perfectly match their color swatch?  Learn how to write up documents that set those expectations from the beginning.
  • Have you been blamed for damage or breakage during transport, that you knew had nothing to do with cake construction or how you packaged your cookies and desserts?  Develop a care and use form that covers you from poor driving habits and lack of forethought from your clients.
  • Develop Documents that cover cancellations, postponements, approvals, and refunds.  By setting your policies in writing, it sets expectations from the beginning, reduces complaints at the end, and reduces your liabilities if something does happen.
Module 4

Transcribe Your Recipes into a Format that Can Be Scaled Easily Without Doing the Math Over and Over

If you're spending time each week scaling recipes, calculating batter batches, totalling up ingredients, then this will be an amazing time saver!  Not only that, it will save you the frustration of being short a bit of batter (and having to do the work of measuring and mixing again) or wasting batter, also known as a profit eater.

Module Highlights:

Enter Your Recipes into Chef Equation, transfer them from cups and tablespoons to weighted measures, and then Use Chef Equation to 

  • Scale your recipes up or down in seconds, calculating exactly what you need by recipe to fulfill your orders for the seconds instead of hours.
  • Generate downloadable recipe and baking sheets that anyone can follow, based on the volume that your mixer bowl can hold - splitting recipes into separate batches if necessary.
  • Generate a shopping list of ingredients (and also supplies) pulled from your order forms.
  • Generate a price per serving based on your library of ingredient costs (which also  transfers over to the order form for super fast quotes!)
Module 5

Generate Accurate Price Per Servings for Quotes

So you can see your profit quickly, and adjust your retail pricing immediately to adjust to your needs.

Module Highlights:

Learn to track your ingredient costs and input them in a way that generates fast price per servings, so you can adjust to market changes without spending a month on developing the data.

  • Learn to track costs and using Chef Equation, generate instant price per serving quotes, so you can adjust for each event that you go to, each order that you take.
  • Egg prices jump?  Adjust quickly to changes in costs and maintain a profit margin that still covers your costs, and gets you a paycheck.
Module 6

Understanding Your Costs and YOUR Value for Instant Quotes!

One of our biggest stress points is knowing how to price our cakes and cookies and baked creations.  To do that, you'll need to have a strong understanding of your costs, all of your costs, and you have to be willing to Calculate Your Own Worth!  And trust me, friend, You Are Worth so much MORE than you give yourself credit for.

Module Highlights:

This is a big one!  By the end of this Module, you'll have calculated all of your costs, know exactly what goes into your product, and you'll have a true understanding of your worth and how to value your time.  You'll learn how to:

  • Calculate Your Overhead - even if you bake from home, you have costs that are associated with your business, and tax deductions you could be taking advantage of.
  • Track the costs of your ingredients and supplies, and bonus - we've started a well fleshed out library to get you going in Chef Equation so you don't get bogged down in the details.
  • Build Pricing Strategies based on Desired Profit Margins and Area Rates.
  • Assess your own value, from the perspective of what you would be paid if you were doing the same thing for someone else.
Module 7

Order Forms that Capture Information AND Future Leads

If most of your client interraction is still in the form of texts or scribbled notes, it's time to make it professional with a standardized order form.  Order Forms are far more valuable than most people realize, and should be used for more than just quick note taking.  Your Order Form plays a variety of Vital Roles:  assessing your client, showing clients the value in the details, taking detailed notes for final presentation, giving you room to adjust prices if you recieve price resistance, AND for capturing additional information that you'll use later for targeted marketing, in automated campaigns!

Module Highlights:

Used in Conjunction with Chef Equation You'll Create

  • Order Forms that Are Consistent, Concise, and Easy to Get Your Hands On from Any Device that also Maintain Excellent Recording of your Conversations with Clients and Double as Accurate Invoices
  • A Calendaring System that Reduces Stress and Ensures You Never Lose an Order or Forget an Event
  • A Lead Generator to Build and Grow Your Clientele Base Over a Lifetime of Events for Marketing and Referral Networks
Module 8

Learn to Automate and Leverage Your Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

And develop life long, and loyal, relationships with your clients that lead to year round purchases, while leaving you free to focus on other details of your business.

Module Highlights:

Learn to Use a Mix of Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, PostCards, and Social Media Campaigns that can be pre-scheduled and can Instantly and Automatically Get Your Message Out.  In this module you will

  • Learn to build email campaigns, a free and easy marketing technique, while staying compliant with CAN-SPAM laws.
  • Learn to use SMS Marketing as Text Message Contacts Continue to Build Momentum, again while staying compliant.
  • Leverage Postcards to send a personal message or thank you.
  • Learn to create FB Ads that Target Your Engaged Audience - a client group that you know is already primed to buy from you.